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Models / Adalind Grey (she/they)
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Adalind Grey (she/they) Vital Stats:
Astrological Sign:  Gemini
Preferred Role:  Vers
Favorite Toy(s):  I love giant vibrator wands! My Doxy is a necessity in my personal life
Fun Fact:  I'm the singer/guitarist in a band called Lies For Attention

My name is Adalind Gray, but you can just call me Addy! I'm an artist at heart and an aspiring rockstar. I grew up in Minnesota and fell in love with music when I accidentally got a free ticket to see Green Day while working at a strip club. Now I live in Las Vegas and live my life by making hot porn and following my dreams!

I realized I liked girls in high school when I had the realization that the reason I thought anime girls were so cute is because I was a little fruity. It took me a while to understand how that translated into real life because my attraction towards women just feels different than it does with men. And I do have a preference towards men, so that was confusing for me for a while. I really like getting my pussy eaten (as well as returning the favor) so that's definitely a win for me whenever I have lesbian sex!

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