About Us

QueerCrush is a celebration of authentic lesbian passion and fun brought to you by director Electra Rayne and videographer Dahlia Von Knight. Disappointed with most of the lesbian content being produced--especially when it came to toys--Electra set out to make porn that looked like the sex she has in her personal life, and to create content that even her girlfriend would enjoy.

Performers typically choose their own partners for QueerCrush, and are encouraged to wear whatever they want, style their makeup however they'd like, and bring their own favorite toys. We never tell the performers what they can or can't do in a scene--we want it to be all up to them! And once the action starts, we try our best not to have to stop or cut.

That means you see all the action as it actually happened, without any scripts or editing gimmicks to get in the way. No fake orgasms or uncomfortable positions "for the camera", just real, unscripted, authentic queer connection. We hope you enjoy our work as much as we do!

PLEASE NOTE: QueerCrush is a brand new, truly independent site (ie we have no investors). We are still very much a work in progress! We welcome and appreciate feedback from our members on how we can grow and improve. Thus far, we have been mostly limited to interested performers already located in the Las Vegas area, who are interested in content trade. Once we are able to cover our own production costs, we will be raising performer pay rates, and flying in talent from out of town. This will allow us to greatly expand the diversity on our site, with a focus on booking more models who are plus-sized, visibly disabled, masc-presenting, and/or POC.

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