Queer Crush Model

Mira Maven (she)

(Trans Woman)
  • 2 videos

I'm a fun & flirty submissive Masochist brat who loves wordplay, predicaments, degradation, and tease & denial! I also really enjoy service, giving massages, and consider myself a "Lady-In-Waiting" submissive. Outside of my adult career I am a science nerd, film geek, history nerd, and literature geek! I have half of an electrical engineering degree, a part of a physics degree, and I graduated with a BS in math! (I mentioned the nerd part right :-P). I compose & produce music for fun, and speak English, ASL, and a little Hebrew too! I'm proudly Jewish & Irish multiethnic, and was adopted from an Ojibwe parent as a baby. I have Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and use multiple mobility aids including canes and a wheelchair part-time. Since my joints like to fall out of place I'm genuinely safer in bondage than out of it!

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