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Nina Nova (she)

(Cis Woman)
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My name is Nina Nova (she/her).
Let's get your rocket cumbusting 💦
or better yet, let's recreate the big bang 💥
I've been a professional pretty girl since I was freshly 18.
I always win because I play for both teams, however I think we can all agree that women are sexually liberated goddesses that walk amongst us and should be prioritized as such. It didn't take long for that realization to hit me, since when I was young I realized I'd much rather pretend to be Nick Jonas than Hannah Montana when doing kissing practice and roleplay OR that I'd much rather watch Katy Perry "I Kissed a Girl" videos and lesbian makeout clips more than anything. It just blossomed from there.
Speaking of playing both teams, participation prizes are always my fave-- I'm just honored to be a part of your pleasure, your fantasies, and your desires. Let's get dreamy together. ☁️

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